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Auto Reply after Submission - T-Mo - Mar 17th, 2011

I searched the forums and documentation and didn't see anything specific to what I am trying to do.

I am using a simple form on an HTML site. I am not using the API or anything. I created the form on my own then Form Tools took the fields from my site and did its thing.

All I am trying to do is send an auto reply e-mail once the user submits it. I want the e-mail to go to whatever e-mail they provided in the email and list what they submitted.

I tried to add {$ANSWER_email} as the e-mail address when setting up who receives the e-mail notification but it doesn't like that.

Can what I am trying to do be accomplished?

RE: Auto Reply after Submission - T-Mo - Apr 6th, 2011

No one else is doing this? I realize it can lead to spam but I really need my site to do this... please help!

RE: Auto Reply after Submission - Ben - Apr 7th, 2011

Hi T-mo!

Sure, no problem: on the Edit Form -> Emails tab, click the "Configure Form Email Fields" button:

That page lets you tell Form Tools which of the forms fields are actually email fields. Once you've done that, re-edit your email template. In the "recipient" field, you'll now see a new option: that email field. Just select it and you're good to go.

Hope this helps! :-)

- Ben