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getting thankyou result out of frame - 2x4 - Mar 29th, 2011

A long form is in an iframe (sized for the actual form pixel size). Once submitted, it pulls in the thankyou.php, where two-liner text is displayed (Success blah blah).
The problem is that the submitter may not see it (too up on the page).
The form is submitted via API.

Make the result break out of iframe-- e.g. target = top.

Open api.php


header("location: $next_page");

//header("location: $next_page");

echo("<script language=\"javascript\">top.location.href = \"$next_page\"</script>;");

RE: getting thankyou result out of frame - Ben - May 12th, 2011

Hi 2x4,

Sorry for never getting to this! Interesting one... with POST forms it's easy: just add the target="_parent" to the form that posts to your success page. But with the API, you're already operating within the iframe and the request has already been made.

I don't know! I'm actually not sure it's possible! One option would be to output nothing but some JS which calls a function in the parent page to show the success message. Or, you could go with what you have. But I can't think of a non-JS solution.

- Ben