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Opposite of same_as - michatmaster7 - May 18th, 2016

Hey guys -

Not sure if this can be done with reg_exp or not, but I'd like to create a PHP validation rule that is exactly the opposite of same_as. For example, on a form, the customer is allowed to choose their 1st choice and their 2nd choice, but I don't want to let them choose the SAME choice in both fields. Each of the 1st and 2nd choices needs to be different from each other. Any thoughts?


I can see in the validation.php file where the same_as rule is written, and I could easily just create another case in that file, but I want to make sure it never gets overwritten (you know, like a WP child theme's functions.php).

PHP Code:
case "same_as":
        if (
$fields[$field_name] != $fields[$field_name2])
$errors[] = $error_message;