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Export Manager Issue - CHirst87 - Aug 2nd, 2016

Morning everyone!

I've been using Formtools for the past 2 years and absolutely love it but I'm having a huge issue this week.

I typically grab a selection of form submissions (usually no more than 10 per form) once a month for each of my forms & then export them as excel sheets. I've never had an issue before this but yesterday, when I went to export the documents, the excel sheet downloaded but will not open at all. It appears that the Excel sheet might be corrupt? I didn't make any changes to FormTools since it's original installation & my FormTools account is up to date.

Can anyone out there help me??

Thanks in advance!
- Christina

RE: Export Manager Issue - ADaniel - Sep 2nd, 2016

I hope you got this fixed, but was wondering if you tried a different export file type just to see if it would work ?