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form builder empty forms - akroffice - Aug 9th, 2016


have anyone an idea why an form made with form builder (form tools and all modules latest available stable versions, system checks all without errors) seems to be empty after publishing?

In the preview of the form builder view there is all empty, only on the review page are all fields visible.

There are three input field pages before the review page and all seems to be empty. Only the title can be seen on every page.

Mysterious will be, that if I mark the fields as not editable, when we can add manually data in the tables, otherwise there are also only empty pages to see there.

The whole form is created with form builder and there are all fields defined under fields and also under the view. So according to the hints for form builder thats not the reason why all seems empty and no one field is visible.

I have nothing found in that direction already here in the forum or elsewhere. Probably someone has an idea what the problem will be and what we can try to get it work.

Sincerly out of Berlin / germany,