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Ordered Lists - Smmedia - Nov 19th, 2011

This would be so cool to have ordered lists. Entries are created. In view the order of the entries could be ordered, 1,2,3...ect. It would even be better if you could order entries by date. So you would have today's date, 6 submissions (db form entries) and then you could order the 6 in the order of importance, or any other criteria.

This would be even better if we could get this to work with public sites. Entries are created, and then users order the entries, so you have a list (this would be so cool) of what is most or least important.

I could use something like that. Even a simple ordering.

I do not know how complex it would be to code, I think it could be relatively simple. javascript and a field to hold the list order. If individual users could order "events" or listings, that would be a little more complex.

RE: Ordered Lists - Ben - Nov 21st, 2011

Hi smmedia,

Thanks for the post!

Can't you already do this, though? For example, you could add a new form field called "Priority", then assign it to an option list with values 1-5 (or whatever). Then, include that new field as a column in the View. Lastly, you can just click the column row to sort the entries by priority - or even set up the View to use that column as the default sort order. Dates would work the same way.

Or do you mean in terms of actually limiting the results that appear? That wouldn't be quite so straightforward, no...

- Ben

RE: Ordered Lists - tayfofsd - Feb 26th, 2020

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RE: Ordered Lists - followersaustralia - Mar 17th, 2020

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RE: Ordered Lists - followersuk - Mar 17th, 2020

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RE: Ordered Lists - followersaustralia - Mar 17th, 2020

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RE: Ordered Lists - followersuk - Mar 17th, 2020

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RE: Ordered Lists - Buyinstgaram - Mar 20th, 2021

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RE: Ordered Lists - Buyinstgaram - Mar 20th, 2021

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