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Api Question - Tiger - Jul 12th, 2009

I am currently converting an application to .php, everything seems right with paths and all(its turned blue). I am currently stuck on #4 on step 2 within Form tools.. I have included the values in PHP, but I have no idea where to put these two.

$submission_id = process_form($hash);

ft_finalize_submission($form_id, $submission_id);

Am I missing something?.. Duh..I feel mentally challenged for no reason.

RE: Api Question - Ben - Jul 18th, 2009

Oooh... this is actually a Form Tools 1 question! Try posting it in the Form Tools 1 forums here:

Form Tools 2 now uses an API to submit forms via PHP. It works totally differently.

Good luck!

- Ben

RE: Api Question - Tiger - Jul 18th, 2009

Thanks Ben,
After a few hours i finally figured out I had an older version and upgraded. It works perfect!

RE: Api Question - Ben - Jul 18th, 2009

Excellent! These days, I only hear of problems - so the occasional reminder that things DO in fact work sure cheers me up. ;-)

- Ben