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Form question - Tiger - Jul 26th, 2009

Hey Ben,
After converting my form to API for captcha, all of my fields cut off after 20 characters. I have set them to text area and large text within form tools and put maxlength to "450" on my form.. Is there a line of code I am missing or need to adjust?

Thanks again.

RE: Form question - Tiger - Jul 26th, 2009

Fixed.. Most likely the largest error with Form Tools.. User error Smile. I just had to take the form off and try again. Now it opens perfectly, without any lost data.

RE: Form question - Ben - Jul 26th, 2009

Haha :-) Just in case this happens again - it's almost certainly the database size field, found on the form's Database tab. That determines the space allocated in the database for each field - one of the settings is 20 chars or so - almost certainly it was just set to that.

All the best -