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ft_api_display_post_form_captcha_error - paulherzlich - Aug 24th, 2013

How do I get the same effect as ft_api_display_post_form_captcha_error when using the API and Form Tools is installed on the same server but not on the same 'website'.

I got everything working with a POST form and reCaptcha with Form Tools installed on the same 'website'. I did that because I saw the Limitation: "This only works for forms that are found on the same website as your Form Tools installation." I thought surely it must work as long as everything is on the same server, and I give it the right path, but no. Everything worked except ft_api_display_post_form_captcha_error.

So I went to the API type of set up, but still find that ft_api_display_post_form_captcha_error doesn't work. And perhaps it is not supposed to work with an API form (even though it uses POST).

So what can I do instead? If the user fails the Captcha I want to display an error message. Can someone say how to do this?

The root of my problem is that even though I got this working with Form Tools installed in the same 'website' and using a POST form, this is highly inconvenient because each test version of the 'website' is a new subdomain. I want a solution that allows me to use the reCaptcha but releases me from having to install Form Tools within each test subdomain.