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How to access data with PHP? - Polkafest - Jun 27th, 2017

I created some forms with the fabulous tool, but now I am stuck in trying to show the information on my webpage.

I added the "require" funciton , and copied / modified the provided example, but I am missing something. 
I tried to login as client and as admin first, but the error I always get, is a GET error :-)

Error message:
database_queries.php:1 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

If this is already covered in another post, I appoligize, please direct me to it.

I created an export function, 

This is my Smarty Template
{$location_name} in {location_place}

This is my PHP code (I commented some code that I used for testing):



/* login as client ?
$account_info = array(
  "username" => "polkafest",
  "password" => " :-) "
list ($success, $message) = ft_api_login($account_info);

/* login as admin?
$account_info = array(
  "username" => " :-)  ",
  "password" => "  :-)   "
list ($success, $message) = ft_api_login($account_info);

$page = ft_api_load_field("page", "page", 1);
ft_api_show_submissions(2, 3 , 5, $page);

RE: How to access data with PHP? found solution - Polkafest - Jun 27th, 2017

As it was mentioned somewhere that it only worked on the site itself, I changed http://xxxxx finally to


 require  ../ and it s !