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White Page - grapple - Sep 4th, 2009


I'm new to Form Tools and still trying to fiqure it out. I have installed the form validation however for the "required" fields no error message is displayed. A white screen comes up with no informaiton.

I'm trying to use the post method with the javascript. Is this a common error?

Thanks for your assistance

RE: White Page - Ben - Sep 19th, 2009

Hi Greg,

When does the white screen appear? When you load the page, or when it's submitted? If the former, there's probably just a syntax problem in your PHP that's preventing the page appearing. Or even more likely, the path to the library.php you're using is incorrect. Try changing your require_once() or require() line to an include() or include_once() and see if you get any error messages.

You could also add this line to the very top of the page, right after the opening <?php tag:

PHP Code:

That will display all errors in the page. Perhaps it'll give us some clues.

- Ben

RE: White Page - grapple - Sep 20th, 2009

Thanks for the help. I actually went in another direction after the error. The white screen appears to appear when there is not a matching input for the form that is required on the servers end. For example I matched the email address in the form to display in the confirmation email. When there is not an email submitted the page simply goes white