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Some more updates (Sept 30th) - Ben - Sep 30th, 2017

Hi all, 

The Pages + Google Maps Field modules have also now been updated for Form Tools 3. I think going to include all modules in the main downloadable alpha - makes it easy for anyone wanting to test it out to see ALL featured offered by the script (plus greater opportunity to find a bug). Once all modules and the API has been updated and things seem relatively stable, I'll move it into Beta.
Also, sorry the upgrade script hasn't been put online again yet. That bloody thing is such a pain... I'm finding it hard to update and it's going to take some more time. 


RE: Some more updates (Sept 30th) - nelsondcosta - Oct 3rd, 2017

Ben you are doing a great work Wink

RE: Some more updates (Sept 30th) - Ben - Oct 4th, 2017

Thanks! Slowly getting there. Smile