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Update Outdated URLS - squidz - Feb 25th, 2014

I have had Formtools 2.0.4 installed on a site for a year or more. During the initial install some URLS were left as IP numbers while the domain finished propagating and then were left. Everything worked fine.

The server was upgraded and the IP changed so it has now broken form function and navigation in the Admin.

I tried a find and replace of the IP in the mysql database and I updated the globabl > config.php file.

I have managed to get into the Admin, but all of the Admin sidebar menu is still wanting to use the old IP address and I desperately need to update it to function properly.

However, I cannot find anywhere that this old IP is entered beyond the spots I've already updated.

Can someone please assist and guiding me to where I'd fix this?

RE: Update Outdated URLS - squidz - Feb 26th, 2014


SOLVED. Finally tracked this down to the URLs in the forms themselves.



Follow up, still not solved. I have managed to get the admin fixed via emptying the cache folder in the theme.

BUT, our forms are still throwing an error that refers to the old IP.

Failed to load resource http://<old-ip-number>/myformsadmin/global/scripts/rsv.js

I cannot figure out where this IP is still set. Can anyone instruct how I can track this down? It seems like a domain or IP change should be more readily available to update. Help?