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'Other' Option - Argen - Mar 10th, 2014

Mornin' Chaps,

I have been trying to make a custom field to have a checkbox list display a 'other' field which also provides a text box.

So far the only way I have been able to do this is providing a different field called 'If other enter here:'

Is there no way to make the option of an 'Other' text box part of the original field of the checkboxes?


RE: 'Other' Option - Argen - Mar 11th, 2014

Too complicated?

RE: 'Other' Option - Joe - Mar 11th, 2014

Hey Pablo,

Unfortunately, that's it's possible to create a "other" field as part of a check box list with the Form Builder. You could implement that using an external form however in the Form Tools admin it would still be a separate field and not part of the checklist.



RE: 'Other' Option - Argen - Mar 12th, 2014

Thanks Joe Smile

Separate field it is then.