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Timezone offset not working - mcbeck99 - Dec 12th, 2017


I can't seem to get the timezone offset to function under Settings-Accounts-System Time Offset.  No matter what I put into this area, all timestamps remain UTC.  

Upon inspecting the DB through phpadmin, I noticed that, no matter what was placed into the offset dropdown, the value always remained "0."  

Can you let me know what I would need to put directly into the settings DB in order to make the offset work (trying to figure out at -6 hour time zone difference)?  I've tried "-6" "-06:00" "-06:00:00" but none of these do anything.  

Many thanks for any assistance!

RE: Timezone offset not working - Ben - Jan 5th, 2018

Hey, thanks for reporting this, @mcbeck! It looks like a bug - I'll log it and fix it in Form Tools 3. Note - it won't be the standard version for at least a few more weeks.


RE: Timezone offset not working - Ben - Jan 27th, 2018

Hey again mcbeck99 - are you running FT2 or FT3 alpha?

As per my last note I was able to reproduce this problem a couple of weeks ago, but today when re-testing it's working fine with the FT3 alpha. It's possibly I fixed it inadvertently, or it's an issue that only occasionally rears its head.