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ExportManager - realizing secure details page - thosau - Dec 17th, 2017

Hi @all,

I'm looking for a solution to realize showing a table (let's call it 'result-table') on a website (outside the FormTools ControlPanel; I get the data with FormTools API). After clicking a field in the result-table, a details page should be shown.
In the FormTools documentation, there is the way shown to realize the details page via ft_api_show_submission() and passing the ID of the data which has to be shown via $_GET.

I don't want to go this way because I want to prevent a user walking through the whole database by manually typing the URL of the details page in his browser and manually changing the ID which has to be shown.


The above screenshot shows the generated result-table, which guides to the details page by clicking any cell in the table. In a first solution, I added the field 'Crypt_ID' to the database. I used 'Crypt_ID' to link to the details page instead of the numeric ID.
As the access to the database should show a multi-user-ability and for cosmetic reasons I don't want to show the 'Crypt_ID' in the result-table. Thus, here my question: is there any possibility to use 'Crypt_ID' for linking to the details page, but NOT to show it in result-table???

I would appreciate to get a little hint, because I spent hours and hours and couldn't a solution :d
Greetz, thosau