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PayPal Integration - Windwood - Dec 19th, 2017

In your tutorials section regarding PayPal Integration (, all links to instructions and the .zip archive come back with 404 notifications.  PAGE NOT FOUND.  Is there another place to find this information?
Thank you,

RE: PayPal Integration - MariaJoseph - Jan 4th, 2020

I have prepared the complete research report of Paypal services that what is the actual problem and what would be the problem possibilities in the future as a software engineer by taking the diploma assignment writing services help from the professional, PayPal is one of the most trending and most common modes of payment and transaction at this time but after that, it has some real security issues.

RE: PayPal Integration - mahaa - Apr 14th, 2020

I also have to access the tutorial and I am also facing the same problem. I  need to make the payment gateway for my powerpoint design services company as soon as possible because my payments have been blocked but I am unable to open the URLs and found the 404 error. Well, if you find any other resource related to this. Please let us know as well.