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Dynamic Calculated Form Fields ! - ITZAP - Jun 3rd, 2014

So glad to hear that Form Tools is under development once again ! Here is my Number 1 wish for inclusion in the next release ...

> Dynamic Real-time Calculated Form Fields

No, not a Submission Pre-Parser calc that executes only upon pressing the Submit or Update button.
This would be a Javascript running on both Web Form and the backend Form Tools Submission Admin Panel so that Calculated Fields update live in real-time as figures are entered into the other relevant fields.

Here are examples of Calculated Form Fields in action :
There are so many potential uses for this !
Regards, Gary, I.T.ZAP

RE: Dynamic Calculated Form Fields ! - Joe - Jun 4th, 2014

Cool! Will definitely take that into consideration.



RE: Dynamic Calculated Form Fields ! - scottbud - Apr 24th, 2017

Before I choose Form Tools I thought that this was already a function. I obviously misunderstood the filters feature for the views.