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where is themes/default/cache - aalsmo - Dec 5th, 2009

where is this located? I cannot seen to find it in order to update the permissions. Please help.

RE: where is themes/default/cache - Ben - Dec 5th, 2009

Hi aalsmo,

It should be located in the same folder that you uploaded Form Tools to. Do you see the /themes folder in that folder?

- Ben

RE: where is themes/default/cache - Marlee00 - Sep 16th, 2022

Themes/default/cache is a folder that stores the cache files for your site. These files are used to speed up the loading time of your site and also to reduce the size of the database. Themes/default/cache/index.html is a file that contains all the cached pages of your site. It has a size of about 10 MB. It contains all the images, CSS, JS and more files stored on your server. Visit cocomelon svg for more knowledge. When you make changes in any page, these changes are saved in this file and then displayed on your screen when you refresh it again.