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URL for intranet - kvram25 - Sep 10th, 2014


i have installed the latest core of FT on my PC running WAMP server. Based on the tutorial i have made some progress in adding forms, creating clients, views etc.
The url for local machines is http://localhost/formtools.

But when I try to access the Ft from another intranet PC in my department, by using URL http://<IP of server>/formtools then I get a unformatted page for the login with the pictures missing. every time the logged in page tries to access localhost instead of trying to access the server.
Please advise how to setup FT in the server so that instead of Localhost, I should be able to set IP address of the Server

Ram KV

RE: URL for intranet - nelsondcosta - Sep 20th, 2017

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RE: URL for intranet - Ben - Sep 26th, 2017

Hey Ram, I could be mistaken but I think it may be a matter of configuring your htaccess file within the WAMP server to permit access within the LAN. Ultimately WAMP/MAMP/LAMP are just running Apache server so the permissions (or at least part of them) would be set there. I did some googling for "mamp local intranet" and there are a few promising links.

Sorry I couldn't be more help... ! Good luck.