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Receiving blank results on a required field - jbosset - May 5th, 2015

We have a form using drop down selections. I set the fields as mandatory in Formtools 2.

We intentionally made the first choice a blank so that they would HAVE to make a selection. Appears this blank IS a selection.

How can I fix this so that they MUST chose a selection from the drop down, but there is nothing selected to start with.

Here what I have:

Course Title:<select name="Course_Title">
<option value=" "></option>
<option value="Torts I s2">Torts I 6:00 (Viselman)</option>
<option value="Torts I s3">Torts I 7:30 (Chang)</option>
<option value="Contracts II s2">Contracts II 6:00 (Shabani)</option>
<option value="Contracts II s3">Contracts II 7:30 (Shabani)</option>
<option value="Criminal Law">Criminal Law (Barreto)</option>
<option value="Legal Writing and Analysis">Legal Writing &amp; Analysis (Zunker)</option>
<option value="Constitutional Law I">Constitutional Law I (Zunker)</option>
<option value="Civil Procedure I">Civil Procedure I (Watkins)</option>
<option value="Criminal Procedure">Criminal Procedure (Barreto)</option>
<option value="Bar Review">Bar Review (Watkins)</option>