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Problem: no add form button - Tankeroni - Jun 4th, 2015

Hi, thanks for the great product, I'm excited to use it. I am borderline technical enough to get through the installation. I actually created a database on my site and everything, I'm fairly proud that the installation seemed to accept it, but that's besides the point. So when I got the admin panel step I filled in the fields and submitted to be taken to a blank page. I skipped out of all that and refreshed my website forum page ( to see what was up and hopefully start creating my firm form. However the page only had the logo and a statement about how I don't have any forms. There is nothing else on the page.

I hope someone can point me in a direction to resolve this! Thanks in advance for reading and any help.

screen shot

RE: Problem: no add form button - alexh - Jun 6th, 2015

Hey, great job getting it all set up!

Are you logging in as the admin account you set up? If you are logging in with a secondary user account you won't see the add button.

RE: Problem: no add form button - Tankeroni - Jun 6th, 2015

lol I didn't even think of that! Thanks, I will check it out.