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CAPTCHA API - mikerox - Mar 17th, 2009

While testing a form using the CAPTCHA API, I tried to submit without filling out the CAPTCHA. I was redirected back to the form as would be expect with the expected error message that the CAPTCHA was incorrect and to try again.

However, the e-mail was sent out prior to the form data being finalized. The form data was not entered into the database (as would be expected) but the e-mails were still sent with the information filled in the form.

Is there a way to send the e-mail(s) out after the information is finalized?

RE: CAPTCHA API - Ben - Mar 17th, 2009

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reporting this. This is a bug, I'll add it to the bug tracker.

I have one other bug fix to include in the next release of the API, which I'll shoot for late this week. Pop back on Thursday or Friday.

- Ben

RE: CAPTCHA API - Ben - Mar 17th, 2009

Hey Mike,

Nevermind - I got to this today (it was a simple fix). To upgrade to the latest version, just click the "Check for Updates" button on your Settings -> Main page. There you can download the latest API version.

Let me know if you continue to have trouble with it, or you come across any other bugs!


RE: CAPTCHA API - mikerox - Mar 17th, 2009

Thanks Ben, I am glad it was an easy fix.

Great job on FT2 ~ I like it so far!