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RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - Ben - Dec 18th, 2010

BRILLIANT, thanks Kellie!!! I've made a note of this to check it out and re-opened the original bug.

To everyone else that's experiencing this problem: does it sound like this is a possible cause? Do you guys recall if you did something like Kellie described?

I'm kind of knee-deep in 2.1.0 right now, but it'll be several months before it's released. I may well do a patch release to solve this.

- Ben

RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - kellie - Dec 28th, 2010

Wow... Some additional detail. I was adding an existing client to another form's existing view. At MAIN, I added her from the pool so that she would show up as a candidate for the view. I added her to the view. All was fine and good. Going back to the form listings, I check all of the other views and guess what. This person was the only one listed who had access to the other form's views. What I think Ben is that 1) the MySQL statement is not getting previous clients and just added the new client. It seems to be just replacing the client with the new addition, dropping all of the others and 2) the MySQL statement seems to be global and not working with the individual view. I think with the above, you should be able to recreate the scenerio and replicate the error.

Here is what I would do: Find an existing private client view. Add someone who exists in the client pool of names, save and then check the other views. I have repeated this twice with the same results so you should be able to see this too.


RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - Ben - Dec 30th, 2010

Thanks again Kellie.

Judging from what you described, that sounds like a likely cause. I'm going to hold off doing a patch release just yet though. In a little while I'll be in a better position to know when 2.1.0 will be released. Ideally, I'd just like to include it in that version - but if it's too far off, I'll consider other options.

Again - appreciated. Smile

- Ben

RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - kellie - Jan 6th, 2011

Hi Ben,

Unless 2.1 is weeks or even a month away, I hope you would reconsider doing a patch for the above problem. Many may not update, and for me, it is a daily routine to have to go through all 66+ views and check their client's access (let alone remember them all) as I add more views or a new client to an existing view. I find myself doubting if I cover all those rechecks nightly and last night, I missed a few which cause great grief from the users. Or, if you can give me the modules where the MySQL statement that do this process are located, I will look into tracing that and might be able to fix it myself since I am a php programmer. But not intimate with the hierarchy of all the code that you've written, I don't want to start at the beginning of the root index.php page and trace from there.

Your thoughts will be appreciated and thanks!


RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - bwaye - Feb 4th, 2011

I am still having the same problem. I am using FT as a CMS. It seems when I add a new account or make changes to the permissions it wipes everything out including the views.

I am running 2.04 and have run the database integrity module.


RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - Ben - Feb 5th, 2011

Hi Kellie,

You're quite right - I'll release a patch release for this (2.1 is taking a lot longer than anticipated).

I should have some time tomorrow - I'll investigate the whole thing and hopefully be able to get the patch completed then.

bwaye - I'll get back to you once I've fully investigated Kellie's fix.

- Ben

RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - Ben - Feb 5th, 2011

Drat... still can't reproduce it, despite Kellie's instructions.

Okay: what browser is everyone using? I'm going to do some tests on different environments.

If there's a browser-specific JS error, perhaps it's failing to submit the form details properly...

- Ben

RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - Ben - Feb 5th, 2011

[N.B. I'm going to make this thread sticky, until it's been resolved.]

RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - Prig - Feb 7th, 2011

I primarily use Firefox. I'm not sure what my users are using when logging in.

RE: Clients Losing Permission to Forms - Ben - Feb 24th, 2011


Thanks to Kellie's marvellous instructions, I was *finally* able to reproduce this. As I said to Kellie, without steps to follow, it's kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I've sent along the fix to Kellie to verify. Assuming it's all good, I'll release a new version of Form Tools this weekend.

THANKS KELLIE!!!!! Really, thanks sooo much. Big Grin

- Ben