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omit some submission data on thanks page
How do I omit some submission data on thanks page. I am passing data onto the thanks page on submit but I need to omit one of the forms data so it does not show up on the thanks page.
Hi Slabadoo,

Sorry for the wait! How are you generating the output on the thankyou page? That's the part that probably will need to be doctored... you could just tweak that code, or (if it's a POST form and you've configured it to pass on all fields), just go to the Edit Form -> Fields tab and uncheck the "Pass On" checkbox for the field that you don't want.

Good luck! Smile

- Ben
Hi Ben,

I am generating it via this in my thanks.php page:

PHP Code:

Then where I want the output on my thanks.php page, I have this:

PHP Code:
if (isset($_GET["submission_id"]) && isset($_GET["unique_key"]))
$form_id 1;
$view_id 1;
$export_type_id 2;
$submission_info ft_api_get_submission($form_id$_GET["submission_id"]);
// now confirm that the unique_key matches
if (isset($submission_info["unique_key"]) && 
$submission_info["unique_key"] == $_GET["unique_key"])

I am not sure if the pass on feature works for what I am trying to do becuase if I pass on it in the formtools I imagine it wont show in the submissions. Any ideas?
Ah, gotcha!

Since you're using the API function to display the submission, you can actually just customize what appears on your thankyou page directly through Form Tools.

Note that the second parameter being passed to the ft_api_show_submission() function is the $view_id. Views lets you pick and choose whatever fields you want to see, just by going to Edit Form -> Views -> Edit View -> Fields tab.

So what you can do is create a new View for your form that contains whatever fields you want to appear on this page. After that's created, go to the Edit Form -> Views page and make a note of the View ID. Lastly, go back to that code and change the value of the $view_id.

That should be it! Let me know if you run into problems. Smile

- Ben

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