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Change Cache location
I am installing Form Tools to a web server and when first starting it needs to have the \themes\default\cache writable

I need this movedto another folder ??

As the folders are not writable - i need to change this to another top level folder.

Hoe do I do this ??

please advise
Hi jamesinger,

I'm afraid the cache folder location can't be configured at this point. May I ask, why is there this restriction in place? On security grounds? I can perhaps slip this into the new Form Tools 3 alpha that's coming out if there's a legitimate need for it.


Because the writable folder should not be exposed to the world, security would be compromised otherwise.

Is there a way to change the default folder for the theme location ?? programitically ?

If i cant figure this out then i cant use it.

Please assist.
NOTE: I dont use formtools for anything apart from using the action in my own forms and then the procesing and email sending.

Is there a cut down version that does not need a cache folder ?? or theme ?
Hi James,

Unfortunately Form Tools uses the theme cache folders for all sorts of internal rendering & file generation - not just for the theme page generation. So no, some sort of cache folder will always be required.

However, I'll put this down as a feature request to allow it to be customizable and get to it in an upcoming alpha. I just need to rethink the installation script a little to allow you to define this custom value.

Thanks! And sorry I couldn't be more help in the meantime!

Well kinda late, and I ll check this tomorow.

Check folder premission. 755

And if the path its right on your config filé
Nelson Costa.
(Sep 28th, 2017, 2:00 PM)nelsondcosta Wrote: Well kinda late, and I ll check this tomorow.

Check folder premission. 755

And if the path its right on your config filé

if there is anyway to change to cache folder location or entire theme then i can get it to work
Sorry James, I'm afraid the locations aren't yet customizable.

But by the way, it's not considered a security problem to have these folders in your webroot (just in case anyone's worried!) which is why I wondered. The cache files generated by Smarty are all PHP files and can't be read via the web - only if you're logged onto the webserver.

I've created the feature request here with some notes for myself about how it could be implemented.

okthanks for that - ok another question, i got around the writable part but now when i hot continue on first page it goes one folder up - here is current url https://DOMAIN URL/itsforms/install/index.php, when i hit continue it goes to https://DOMAIN URL/install/index.php
thanks all - i fised it at our end - web config

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