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Form Tools 3 progress update post
Hey all, 

I just posted a progress update on Form Tools 3:

Comin' along!

Thanks for all the hard work Ben!!! Comin’ along well indeed.

Thanks Ben...  Your work is appreciated..
Keep with the good work Smile
We are very appreciated.
Nelson Costa.
Amazing work Ben. My condominium association is using formtools for all of our forms, and it has been a tremendous help in getting our association together.

One question I had was for FT3, will the file upload support multiple file uploads?

Thanks for the hard work!
Hey David,

Interesting...! Technically it can support any number of file uploads you need - but you need to allocate fields in the form for each and every one. So what you could do would be create (say) 10 fields in the database, then in the form just hide/show the fields as the user adds/removes a file. But it's not great, I'll be honest. Being able to just select multiple files in one go and upload them all would be far better. I've logged it as a feature request here:

I have a zillion other things to do before getting to this one, I'm afraid. But I'd love to add it at some point.

Hi guys,

So if I upgrade FT2 to FT3 using old DBs from FT2, how wrong can that be?
Nelson Costa.

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