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Colorful and entertaining game with adorable pea contestants
Fall guys: is a game that pits hundreds of contestants against each other in an online race through increasing chaos until only a single winner remains! Conquer the barriers and persevere to overcome the competitors around you and overcome the impenetrable laws of physics. Leave your dignity at the door and get ready for a hilariously embarrassing setback in your quest for the throne! This game is yours, be the top beat them all and win!

Massive Online Pandamonium: Compete against thousands of other players online in a series of silly challenges and crazy obstacles, all in the hope of breaking through and progressing to the next round of chaos.
Switch between free-for-all competitive challenges and cooperative challenges where the losing team is eliminated altogether!
Physical Humor: Laugh as your teammates bend, bounce, and smash their way to physics-based defeat!
Customizable to your heart's content: In Fall Guys, you can customize your outfit with everything from trendy pineapple haute couture to the latest bunny headwear.
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