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Same form, different URLs?
I'm running WordPress MU and FormTools on my site. I have an issue where I want to use the same exact form on different blogs through my Wordpress MU installation. These forms are exactly the same, except for their URLs...which is an issue when setting up the form. In step 2 I need to give it a specific URL for both the form and the redirect.

Is there a way to specify a URL like so? http://always-the-same/VARIABLE_PART/always-the-same

I really want these forms to save to the same database table...and not have to create a new one for each it will be used only once per blog. It's basically a feedback form that I will save to the database table (the same one ideally).

The way that Wordpress resolves URLs is based upon the site name, e.g: and On this site I will have this it feedback that will reside on and etc. ...but it needs to be the same form, saving to the same database table. Make sense? Is this possible?

Hey everyone,

I didn't actually test this before trying it (the hard-coded URL prompt on step 2 was throwing me off ;-) ). It turns out that it really doesn't matter what URL the form is coming from as long as the ft_api_init_form_page(); contains the correct id as the parameter.

Also, I'm posting to <?php bloginfo('wpurl') ?>/my-page-name instead of SELF due to Wordpress URL resolving issues.

Thanks for posting the fix, Jaace! Smile

- Ben

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