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Reload Checkbox data
I have formtools setup and working great with recaptcha, API and validation, except for one issue.

When I have an error in either the PHP validation or the recaptcha validation, the information for teh checked checkboxes do not reload.

I have gone over all of the tutorials, samples, and documentation, but I cannot find anywhere that references the proper syntax for this: here is my code:

PHP Code:
label for="nopref" ></label></td>
td><input id="trolleycolor_0" type="checkbox" value="Red"  name="trolleycolor[]" <?php if (@$fields["trolleycolor"] == "Red") echo "checked=\"checked\""?>/>
      <label for="red" >Red</label>
      <br />
      <input id="trolleycolor_1" type="checkbox" value="Teal"  name="trolleycolor[]" <?php if (@$fields["trolleycolor"] == "Teal") echo "checked=\"checked\""?>/>
      <label for="teal" >Teal<br />
      <input id="trolleycolor_2" type="checkbox" value="NoPreference"  name="trolleycolor[]" <?php if (@$fields["trolleycolor"] == "NoPreference") echo "checked=\"checked\""?>/>
      <label for="nopref" >No Preference</label></td>

I have tried several different way to create the php error handler, such as using @$fields["trolleycolor[]"] and @$fields["trolleycolor[Red]"] but as predicted, that didn't work at all, probably because the square brackets aren't valid in that location.

I'm stuck. Does anyone know a way out of this?

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