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How to display number counter in excel export?
Hi Ferri,

Sorry for the wait!

Sure, no problem. You're quite right: the solution I posted *was* complicated - but it's nice in that it keeps everything sorted and consistent in the database. To do it simpler, with just having a numbered list on the outputted Excel output, just create a new Export Type (in the Export Manager module) for the Excel Export Group with the following code.


<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%" class="print_table">
{* display the column headings *}
  {foreach from=$display_fields item=column name=row}

{* loop through all submissions in this current result set, and display each item in a manner
   appropriate to the field type *}
{foreach from=$submissions item=submission name=row}
    {foreach from=$display_fields item=field name=col_row}
      {assign var=field_id value=$field.field_id}
      {assign var=field_type value=$field.field_info.field_type}
      {assign var=col_name value=$field.col_name}
      {assign var=value value=$submission.$col_name}
      {if $field_type == "select" || $field_type == "radio-buttons"}
        {smart_display_field_values field_id=$field_id selected=$value}
      {elseif $field_type == "checkboxes" || $field_type == "multi-select"}
        {smart_display_field_values field_id=$field_id selected=$value multiple=true}
      {elseif $field_type == "system"}
        {if $col_name == "submission_id"}
        {elseif $col_name == "submission_date"}
        {elseif $col_name == "last_modified_date"}
        {elseif $col_name == "ip_address"}
      {elseif $field_type == "textarea"}




And that's it! All the best Smile

- Ben


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