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ERROR process.php is not receiving any data
-- Hello all, I too am having issues w/an old form which Ive now recently downloaded the 2017 version formtools to our site, instead having it relaying thru our old web developers site from MANY years ago. OnceĀ  install seemed to go well, I have 2 issues;
1) everytime I send a form from the Contact Pg on our site, it displays:

process.php is not receiving any data. Note: this script cannot be loaded directly in your browser.
Make sure your form is sending via POST.

The good news is that the post does shows-up on our Admin page on your formtools site. Though we do not get the message to the forwarding email.
2) the form layout was pretty basic before (name, email, phone number, message) and Ive attempted to leave it as it was before. The issue is that since Ive installed your formtools software, database and initialized our old form on our site, the form now displays the field titles (name, email, etc) on the right-side of the page, while the entry fields are on the left-side of page.... just exactly swapped (left-right) from what it should be & used to be.

I've looked thru this Forum and thru the Admin page and cannot seem to find answers or any controls which would resolve these 2 issues.

Can anyone assist me in what seems like a simple set of problems I have created.

thank you

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