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Unsure on PayPal Integration
I have set-up a 10 page Booking Form which appears to be running very smoothly - a HUGE Thank You.

I now want to set-up a PayPal payment page at the end of it - from the Thank You page.

What would happen is;

1st Form Page
2nd Form Page
etc etc
10th Form Page
Thank You Page
Paypal Page
Receipt & Thank You Page

Obviously my Thank You page wont have any form details on it, so I see that I have two options.......

From the initial Thank You page, I could just direct people to a new page (like a 1 page form), ask for name, email and booking date and then take them to PayPal etc.

But, that seems a bit messy and asks for repeated info.


Should I change the Thank You page into an 11th Form Page but just have text etc and no form fields and then take people to PayPal from that std form page?

What would you guys do?

I have to confess that the PayPal API Tutorial is a bit confusing as it refers to donations and seems to be for an old version of FT, but I worked thru the multi-page form stuff so should be able to handle it.

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