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Call to undefined function?
I'm a bit confused... I'm trying to implement the Paypal tutorial found here: into my site, yet when I try to add this function
$fields = ft_api_init_form_page(2, "initialize");
I get this error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function ft_api_init_form_page() in /home3/researd7/public_html/donate/index.php on line 3

What am I doing wrong? I've put all the information in the top of the file like it says in the documentation.
$fields = ft_api_init_form_page("", "test");
$params = array(
  "submit_button" => "submit_button_name_attribute",
  "next_page" => "thanks.php",
  "form_data" => $_POST,
  "file_data" => $_FILES,
  "finalize" => true

Here's what my page looks like. I'm trying to get it to work before I actually modify the content.

$fields = ft_api_init_form_page(2, "initialize");
$params = array(
  "submit_button" => "submit-button",
  "next_page" => "success.php",
  "form_data" => $_POST,
  "finalize" => true
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<title>Form Tools - Donate</title>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="includes/validation.js"></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="includes/main.css">

<script type="text/javascript">

var rules = new Array();
rules.push("required,firstname,Please enter your first name.");
rules.push("required,lastname,Please enter your last name.");
rules.push("required,email,Please enter your email address.");



// this sets the default country
$page = array();
$page['country'] = "United States";

  <div class="title">Donate</div>

    Any donations to help keep the Form Tools project going are greatly appreciated! Just
    use the form below to donate by PayPal or credit card.

  <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]?>" method="post" onsubmit="return validateFields(this, rules)">

    <!-- *** These two values will need to be changed for your form! *** -->
    <input type="hidden" name="item_name" value="Form Tools" />
    <input type="hidden" name="form_tools_form_id" value="2" />

    <table border="0" cellspacing="1">
      <td width="10" class="red">*</td>
      <td width="110">First Name</td>
      <td width="10"> </td>
      <td><input type="text" name="firstname" /></td>
      <td class="red">*</td>
      <td>Last Name</td>
      <td> </td>
      <td><input type="text" name="lastname" /></td>
      <td class="red">*</td>
      <td>Email Address</td>
      <td> </td>
      <td><input type="text" name="email" style="width: 200px;" /></td>
      <td class="red"> </td>
      <td> </td>
      <td><input type="text" name="city" /></td>
      <td class="red">*</td>
      <td align="right"><b>$</b></td>
        <select name="amount">
          <option value="2">2</option>
          <option value="5">5</option>
          <option value="10">10</option>
          <option value="20" selected>20</option>
          <option value="30">30</option>
          <option value="40">40</option>
          <option value="50">50</option>
          <option value="100">100</option>
          <option value="150">150</option>
          <option value="200">200</option>
          <option value="250">250</option>
        </select> (Canadian)
      <td class="red"> </td>
      <td> </td>
        <select name="country">
          <option <?php if ($page['country'] == "") echo "selected"; ?> value="">Select Country</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Afghanistan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Afghanistan">Afghanistan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Albania") echo "selected"; ?> value="Albania">Albania</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Algeria") echo "selected"; ?> value="Algeria">Algeria</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "American Samoa") echo "selected"; ?> value="American Samoa">American Samoa</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Andorra") echo "selected"; ?> value="Andorra">Andorra</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Angola") echo "selected"; ?> value="Angola">Angola</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Anguilla") echo "selected"; ?> value="Anguilla">Anguilla</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Antarctica") echo "selected"; ?> value="Antarctica">Antarctica</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Antigua and Barbuda") echo "selected"; ?> value="Antigua and Barbuda">Antigua and Barbuda</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Argentina") echo "selected"; ?> value="Argentina">Argentina</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Armenia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Armenia">Armenia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Aruba") echo "selected"; ?> value="Aruba">Aruba</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Australia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Australia">Australia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Austria") echo "selected"; ?> value="Austria">Austria</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Azerbaijan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Azerbaijan">Azerbaijan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bahamas") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bahamas">Bahamas</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bahrain") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bahrain">Bahrain</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bangladesh") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bangladesh">Bangladesh</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Barbados") echo "selected"; ?> value="Barbados">Barbados</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Belarus") echo "selected"; ?> value="Belarus">Belarus</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Belgium") echo "selected"; ?> value="Belgium">Belgium</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Belize") echo "selected"; ?> value="Belize">Belize</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Benin") echo "selected"; ?> value="Benin">Benin</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bermuda") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bermuda">Bermuda</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bhutan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bhutan">Bhutan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bolivia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bolivia">Bolivia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bosnia and Herzegovina") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bosnia and Herzegovina">Bosnia and Herzegovina</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Botswana") echo "selected"; ?> value="Botswana">Botswana</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bouvet Island") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bouvet Island">Bouvet Island</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Brazil") echo "selected"; ?> value="Brazil">Brazil</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "British Indian Ocean Territory") echo "selected"; ?> value="British Indian Ocean Territory">British Indian Ocean Territory</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Brunei Darussalam") echo "selected"; ?> value="Brunei Darussalam">Brunei Darussalam</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Bulgaria") echo "selected"; ?> value="Bulgaria">Bulgaria</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Burkina Faso") echo "selected"; ?> value="Burkina Faso">Burkina Faso</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Burundi") echo "selected"; ?> value="Burundi">Burundi</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cambodia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cambodia">Cambodia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cameroon") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cameroon">Cameroon</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Canada") echo "selected"; ?> value="Canada">Canada</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cape Verde") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cape Verde">Cape Verde</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cayman Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cayman Islands">Cayman Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Central African Republic") echo "selected"; ?> value="Central African Republic">Central African Republic</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Chad") echo "selected"; ?> value="Chad">Chad</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Chile") echo "selected"; ?> value="Chile">Chile</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "China") echo "selected"; ?> value="China">China</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Christmas Island") echo "selected"; ?> value="Christmas Island">Christmas Island</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cocos (Keeling) Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cocos (Keeling) Islands">Cocos (Keeling) Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Colombia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Colombia">Colombia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Comoros") echo "selected"; ?> value="Comoros">Comoros</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Congo") echo "selected"; ?> value="Congo">Congo</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Congo, The Democratic Republic of The") echo "selected"; ?> value="Congo, The Democratic Republic of The">Congo, The Democratic Republic of The</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cook Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cook Islands">Cook Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Costa Rica") echo "selected"; ?> value="Costa Rica">Costa Rica</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cote D'ivoire") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cote D'ivoire">Cote D'ivoire</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Croatia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Croatia">Croatia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cuba") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cuba">Cuba</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Cyprus") echo "selected"; ?> value="Cyprus">Cyprus</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Czech Republic") echo "selected"; ?> value="Czech Republic">Czech Republic</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Denmark") echo "selected"; ?> value="Denmark">Denmark</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Djibouti") echo "selected"; ?> value="Djibouti">Djibouti</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Dominica") echo "selected"; ?> value="Dominica">Dominica</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Dominican Republic") echo "selected"; ?> value="Dominican Republic">Dominican Republic</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Ecuador") echo "selected"; ?> value="Ecuador">Ecuador</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Egypt") echo "selected"; ?> value="Egypt">Egypt</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "El Salvador") echo "selected"; ?> value="El Salvador">El Salvador</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Equatorial Guinea") echo "selected"; ?> value="Equatorial Guinea">Equatorial Guinea</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Eritrea") echo "selected"; ?> value="Eritrea">Eritrea</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Estonia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Estonia">Estonia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Ethiopia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Ethiopia">Ethiopia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Falkland Islands (Malvinas)") echo "selected"; ?> value="Falkland Islands (Malvinas)">Falkland Islands (Malvinas)</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Faroe Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Faroe Islands">Faroe Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Fiji") echo "selected"; ?> value="Fiji">Fiji</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Finland") echo "selected"; ?> value="Finland">Finland</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "France") echo "selected"; ?> value="France">France</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "French Guiana") echo "selected"; ?> value="French Guiana">French Guiana</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "French Polynesia") echo "selected"; ?> value="French Polynesia">French Polynesia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "French Southern Territories") echo "selected"; ?> value="French Southern Territories">French Southern Territories</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Gabon") echo "selected"; ?> value="Gabon">Gabon</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Gambia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Gambia">Gambia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Georgia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Georgia">Georgia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Germany") echo "selected"; ?> value="Germany">Germany</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Ghana") echo "selected"; ?> value="Ghana">Ghana</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Gibraltar") echo "selected"; ?> value="Gibraltar">Gibraltar</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Greece") echo "selected"; ?> value="Greece">Greece</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Greenland") echo "selected"; ?> value="Greenland">Greenland</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Grenada") echo "selected"; ?> value="Grenada">Grenada</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Guadeloupe") echo "selected"; ?> value="Guadeloupe">Guadeloupe</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Guam") echo "selected"; ?> value="Guam">Guam</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Guatemala") echo "selected"; ?> value="Guatemala">Guatemala</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Guinea") echo "selected"; ?> value="Guinea">Guinea</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Guinea-bissau") echo "selected"; ?> value="Guinea-bissau">Guinea-bissau</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Guyana") echo "selected"; ?> value="Guyana">Guyana</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Haiti") echo "selected"; ?> value="Haiti">Haiti</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands">Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Holy See (Vatican City State)") echo "selected"; ?> value="Holy See (Vatican City State)">Holy See (Vatican City State)</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Honduras") echo "selected"; ?> value="Honduras">Honduras</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Hong Kong") echo "selected"; ?> value="Hong Kong">Hong Kong</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Hungary") echo "selected"; ?> value="Hungary">Hungary</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Iceland") echo "selected"; ?> value="Iceland">Iceland</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "India") echo "selected"; ?> value="India">India</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Indonesia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Indonesia">Indonesia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Iran, Islamic Republic of") echo "selected"; ?> value="Iran, Islamic Republic of">Iran, Islamic Republic of</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Iraq") echo "selected"; ?> value="Iraq">Iraq</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Ireland") echo "selected"; ?> value="Ireland">Ireland</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Israel") echo "selected"; ?> value="Israel">Israel</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Italy") echo "selected"; ?> value="Italy">Italy</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Jamaica") echo "selected"; ?> value="Jamaica">Jamaica</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Japan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Japan">Japan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Jordan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Jordan">Jordan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Kazakhstan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Kazakhstan">Kazakhstan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Kenya") echo "selected"; ?> value="Kenya">Kenya</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Kiribati") echo "selected"; ?> value="Kiribati">Kiribati</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Korea") echo "selected"; ?> value="Korea">Korea</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Korea, Republic of") echo "selected"; ?> value="Korea, Republic of">Korea, Republic of</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Kuwait") echo "selected"; ?> value="Kuwait">Kuwait</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Kyrgyzstan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Kyrgyzstan">Kyrgyzstan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Lao People's Democratic Republic") echo "selected"; ?> value="Lao People's Democratic Republic">Lao People's Democratic Republic</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Latvia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Latvia">Latvia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Lebanon") echo "selected"; ?> value="Lebanon">Lebanon</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Lesotho") echo "selected"; ?> value="Lesotho">Lesotho</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Liberia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Liberia">Liberia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Libyan Arab Jamahiriya") echo "selected"; ?> value="Libyan Arab Jamahiriya">Libyan Arab Jamahiriya</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Liechtenstein") echo "selected"; ?> value="Liechtenstein">Liechtenstein</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Lithuania") echo "selected"; ?> value="Lithuania">Lithuania</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Luxembourg") echo "selected"; ?> value="Luxembourg">Luxembourg</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Macao") echo "selected"; ?> value="Macao">Macao</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Macedonia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Macedonia">Macedonia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Madagascar") echo "selected"; ?> value="Madagascar">Madagascar</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Malawi") echo "selected"; ?> value="Malawi">Malawi</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Malaysia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Malaysia">Malaysia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Maldives") echo "selected"; ?> value="Maldives">Maldives</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Mali") echo "selected"; ?> value="Mali">Mali</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Malta") echo "selected"; ?> value="Malta">Malta</option>
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          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Naurux") echo "selected"; ?> value="Nauru">Nauru</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Nepal") echo "selected"; ?> value="Nepal">Nepal</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Netherlands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Netherlands">Netherlands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Netherlands Antilles") echo "selected"; ?> value="Netherlands Antilles">Netherlands Antilles</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "New Caledonia") echo "selected"; ?> value="New Caledonia">New Caledonia</option>
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          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Nicaragua") echo "selected"; ?> value="Nicaragua">Nicaragua</option>
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          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Niue") echo "selected"; ?> value="Niue">Niue</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Norfolk Island") echo "selected"; ?> value="Norfolk Island">Norfolk Island</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Northern Mariana Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Northern Mariana Islands">Northern Mariana Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Norway") echo "selected"; ?> value="Norway">Norway</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Oman") echo "selected"; ?> value="Oman">Oman</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Pakistan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Pakistan">Pakistan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Palau") echo "selected"; ?> value="Palau">Palau</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Palestinian Territory, Occupied") echo "selected"; ?> value="Palestinian Territory, Occupied">Palestinian Territory, Occupied</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Panama") echo "selected"; ?> value="Panama">Panama</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Papua New Guinea") echo "selected"; ?> value="Papua New Guinea">Papua New Guinea</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Paraguay") echo "selected"; ?> value="Paraguay">Paraguay</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Peru") echo "selected"; ?> value="Peru">Peru</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Philippines") echo "selected"; ?> value="Philippines">Philippines</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Pitcairn") echo "selected"; ?> value="Pitcairn">Pitcairn</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Poland") echo "selected"; ?> value="Poland">Poland</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Portugal") echo "selected"; ?> value="Portugal">Portugal</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Puerto Rico") echo "selected"; ?> value="Puerto Rico">Puerto Rico</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Qatar") echo "selected"; ?> value="Qatar">Qatar</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Reunion") echo "selected"; ?> value="Reunion">Reunion</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Romania") echo "selected"; ?> value="Romania">Romania</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Russian Federation") echo "selected"; ?> value="Russian Federation">Russian Federation</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Rwanda") echo "selected"; ?> value="Rwanda">Rwanda</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Saint Helena") echo "selected"; ?> value="Saint Helena">Saint Helena</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Saint Kitts and Nevis") echo "selected"; ?> value="Saint Kitts and Nevis">Saint Kitts and Nevis</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Saint Lucia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Saint Lucia">Saint Lucia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Saint Pierre and Miquelon") echo "selected"; ?> value="Saint Pierre and Miquelon">Saint Pierre and Miquelon</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Saint Vincent and The Grenadines") echo "selected"; ?> value="Saint Vincent and The Grenadines">Saint Vincent and The Grenadines</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Samoa") echo "selected"; ?> value="Samoa">Samoa</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "San Marino") echo "selected"; ?> value="San Marino">San Marino</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Sao Tome and Principe") echo "selected"; ?> value="Sao Tome and Principe">Sao Tome and Principe</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Saudi Arabia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Saudi Arabia">Saudi Arabia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Senegal") echo "selected"; ?> value="Senegal">Senegal</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Serbia and Montenegro") echo "selected"; ?> value="Serbia and Montenegro">Serbia and Montenegro</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Seychelles") echo "selected"; ?> value="Seychelles">Seychelles</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Sierra Leone") echo "selected"; ?> value="Sierra Leone">Sierra Leone</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Singapore") echo "selected"; ?> value="Singapore">Singapore</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Slovakia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Slovakia">Slovakia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Slovenia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Slovenia">Slovenia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Solomon Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Solomon Islands">Solomon Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Somalia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Somalia">Somalia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "South Africa") echo "selected"; ?> value="South Africa">South Africa</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands">South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Spain") echo "selected"; ?> value="Spain">Spain</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Sri Lanka") echo "selected"; ?> value="Sri Lanka">Sri Lanka</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Sudan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Sudan">Sudan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Suriname") echo "selected"; ?> value="Suriname">Suriname</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Svalbard and Jan Mayen") echo "selected"; ?> value="Svalbard and Jan Mayen">Svalbard and Jan Mayen</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Swaziland") echo "selected"; ?> value="Swaziland">Swaziland</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Sweden") echo "selected"; ?> value="Sweden">Sweden</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Switzerland") echo "selected"; ?> value="Switzerland">Switzerland</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Syrian Arab Republic") echo "selected"; ?> value="Syrian Arab Republic">Syrian Arab Republic</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Taiwan, Province of China") echo "selected"; ?> value="Taiwan, Province of China">Taiwan, Province of China</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Tajikistan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Tajikistan">Tajikistan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Tanzania, United Republic of") echo "selected"; ?> value="Tanzania, United Republic of">Tanzania, United Republic of</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Thailand") echo "selected"; ?> value="Thailand">Thailand</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Timor-leste") echo "selected"; ?> value="Timor-leste">Timor-leste</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Togo") echo "selected"; ?> value="Togo">Togo</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Tokelau") echo "selected"; ?> value="Tokelau">Tokelau</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Tonga") echo "selected"; ?> value="Tonga">Tonga</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Trinidad and Tobago") echo "selected"; ?> value="Trinidad and Tobago">Trinidad and Tobago</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Tunisia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Tunisia">Tunisia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Turkey") echo "selected"; ?> value="Turkey">Turkey</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Turkmenistan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Turkmenistan">Turkmenistan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Turks and Caicos Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="Turks and Caicos Islands">Turks and Caicos Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Tuvalu") echo "selected"; ?> value="Tuvalu">Tuvalu</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Uganda") echo "selected"; ?> value="Uganda">Uganda</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Ukraine") echo "selected"; ?> value="Ukraine">Ukraine</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "United Arab Emirates") echo "selected"; ?> value="United Arab Emirates">United Arab Emirates</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "United Kingdom") echo "selected"; ?> value="United Kingdom">United Kingdom</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "United States") echo "selected"; ?> value="United States">United States</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "United States Minor Outlying Islands") echo "selected"; ?> value="United States Minor Outlying Islands">United States Minor Outlying Islands</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Uruguay") echo "selected"; ?> value="Uruguay">Uruguay</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Uzbekistan") echo "selected"; ?> value="Uzbekistan">Uzbekistan</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Vanuatu") echo "selected"; ?> value="Vanuatu">Vanuatu</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Venezuela") echo "selected"; ?> value="Venezuela">Venezuela</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Viet Nam") echo "selected"; ?> value="Viet Nam">Viet Nam</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Virgin Islands, British") echo "selected"; ?> value="Virgin Islands, British">Virgin Islands, British</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Virgin Islands, U.S.") echo "selected"; ?> value="Virgin Islands, U.S.">Virgin Islands, U.S.</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Wallis and Futuna") echo "selected"; ?> value="Wallis and Futuna">Wallis and Futuna</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Western Sahara") echo "selected"; ?> value="Western Sahara">Western Sahara</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Yemen") echo "selected"; ?> value="Yemen">Yemen</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Zambia") echo "selected"; ?> value="Zambia">Zambia</option>
          <option  <?php if ($page['country'] == "Zimbabwe") echo "selected"; ?> value="Zimbabwe">Zimbabwe</option>

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