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Passing values from one page to another upon submission
I went back and re-checked my scripts and found one that I had renamed the file but forgot to change it in the head section of the page. I have verified that all is working as planned but the values are still not "passing-through" to "page 2" as needed, so now I am back at my original post. I have also followed the page instructions and checked that the API is correct on the form pages and that the form submission process is working correctly but the values need to pass from one page to the other. I have read the tutorial about using the 'pass-thru' box in the field setup page of the form but that puts the values in the URL and there are some values that might be long in length which would not work. I need to leave the form in a "Post" format if possible, so any help would be welcomed. Thank you for your time.

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RE: Passing values from one page to another upon submission - by vlscottsr - Aug 12th, 2013, 10:31 AM

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