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What is an essay in English
In order to learn how to compose a written work, you need to thoroughly understand the principle of doing it. And first of all, it is necessary to understand what an English essay is and why it is written.

So, when studying a foreign language, we develop several skills at once: vocabulary, grammar, reading, phonetics (understanding), pronunciation and writing. And it is not for nothing that the skill of writing is at the end of this series, because it combines all the previous skills. So what then is an essay in English? Nothing other than a demonstrative written work that demonstrates the whole range of knowledge and skills of a student in a foreign language. When we write an essay, we formulate thoughts, put them into words, form grammatically correct sentences, and read (pronounce) this text to ourselves during the test.
So we can say that a sample essay in English is the brightest example of a person's speech skills, because in order to write such a work yourself, you need to have sufficient mastery of foreign speech. That is why essay writing is included in the USE in English as well as in the IELTS or TOEFL certification exams. And it is precisely because of multitasking that such great difficulty is caused by the solution of this part of the exam for students.
But there is no need to panic: in fact, it is possible to write an English essay with an "pro essay writing review" grade even with a rather modest level of knowledge. You just need to prepare well and memorize the tips.

Essay structure and outline

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