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[Fixed]Empty form after error but filled back out when reloaded?
This was actually more than one issue.

The empty fields after validation failure was fixed actually using the solution Ben gave me some time ago, but for some reason I lost the more recent copy and based these forms in that outdated one.

The fix was to replace this
PHP Code:

with this

PHP Code:
$fields array_merge($fields$_SESSION["form_tools_form"]);
    } else {
$fields array_merge($fields$_POST);

Here is the thread about that with other solutions to similar/derivated issues

The second problem is the may_update_finalized_submissions PANIC which describes the trials and errors that made impossible (for me) to create a 2 pages form that gathers all the info under the same form ID. (finalizing the first one to get an email confirmation, since 2nd form is OPTIONAL)

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