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Very strange problems ??
(Nov 29th, 2009, 10:25 PM)JohnnySH1000 Wrote: Hi problem with formtools 2

can not get past step 2 when adding a form ???

seems not to like the thankyou.php page ??

main form verifies ok

thankyou form kicks up an error when trying to veryify

Undefined index: theme in /home/booklet/public_html/formtools/global/code/general.php on line 688

what is this above error all about ?

then if I ignore and try and move on

it kicks the administrator out of formtools ? and says

No user account ID was found in sessions. Please log in again below.
Please log in below to access the HandyAds Booklets Administration Panel. If you have forgotten your password, click here.

help!!! this is driving me mad..... its like im in a loop ??

I have read and added all the php code correctly, in both form and thankyou.php

spent ages trying to work this one out

any help will be appreciated


Just skip the verification.. that's what I always do.

As for it booting you every time, check out this thread...

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