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Config file and No database selected
Hi John,
The Formtools database has been created.
28 tables with ft_ prefix. Formtools give me the config.php code but do not write the file on the server (folders have all read/write permission).

I'm gona check with my hosting provider if there is something wrong with the PHP or MySQL configuration.

thanks for your help

(Apr 1st, 2010, 6:50 PM)jglnb Wrote: Hi dand33,

In my understanding the database is created as part of the hosting for the account that you want to install Formtools with.

My database was created automatically as part of my hosting package and then the hosting company gave me a complete list of the database host name, database name, username and password.

Formtools will then just create the tables it needs within the database - so if you check my phpAdmin you will be able to see if Formtools has had access to your database.

May I suggest that you check out the "myPhp admin" page on the server for your account to examine the database and make sure it is created and populated with "ft_" type table names ?

I hope this helps (I am only new at this !) - just trying to give a little help in appreciation for the help I have got !


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