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Captcha not appearing
I'm trying to install recaptcha on a PHP form page. The page displays correctly except there is no captcha where i have this line:

<?php ft_api_display_captcha(); ?>

The API folders are in my server. I added the php code to the top of my page with correct path. I altered the config file with my keys..I'm not sure what is wrong.

NOTE: im running version 1.5.1
No solution, but same problem here.

Core Version 2.0.4
API Version 1.0.1

config.php edited with captcha keys.

Any ideas how to check what might be wrong?
Hi jschnyderite,

Just FYI, Form Tools 1.5.1 is a totally different (much older!) script - I'm afraid I haven't looked at that script for years so I won't be able to help out.

cebra - is anything outputted to the page at all? (maybe View Source on the page and see if anything is outputted).

- Ben
I just upgraded to 3.4 and the captcha image is not appearing. I have it set to'yes' in config.php but it doesn't seem to load the image on the sign page.

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