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Lookup Fields & Auto Populate
Lookup data in a database by number, drop down, or search. For multiple results, the returned data would be displayed in list, which could be further filters, for the user to make a selection. The selected row, or for single result queries, the data is used to populate portions of the form.

An macro example where this would be useful:

Customer data (name, address, etc.) may be attached to a service entry form, which records various checklists and comments. Obviously, if this were solely stored in a single database, the redundant information would not be much use, however many downstream consumers (e.g. a word processor document generator), may have difficulty combining separate data sources.

A micro example:

A list of comments are presented in a drop down list, and the drop down list is maintained separately from the form generator.

The is one feature that would certainly come in handy, and sets Form Tools apart. I hope somebody picks up the suggestion!


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