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Problem with wysiwyg editor: text-color not working
I have a problem with the wysiwyg editor in version 2.04.
I creted a field with a wysiwyg editor but when i select some tekst and try to change the color, nothing happens when i click "apply". Also highlighting doesn't work.

When i look in the javascript console i see an error:
Error: n is null
Source File:
Line: 1

Any suggestions?
Hey Webrunner,

What browser, version & OS are you running? Did it used to work - or is this is a fresh install? Let me know and I'll check things out on my end.

There's a few possibile causes for the error, but the most likely are:
- one of the modules you're running is causing a JS error which interferes with tinyMCE (I have a sneaking suspicion the Media Gallery module had a JS error which I didn't resolve...)
- the version of tinyMCE is out of date and browser advancements have left it a bit outdated (it's being updated in the upcoming 2.1.0)

Thanks! Smile

I am using FF, latest version and chromium latest version, on Ubuntu Linux 10.10.
I don know if it worked before, one of my clients suddenly mentioned it (i never use colors Wink )

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