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Can Form Tools check data entry consistency this way?
I'm learning to create forms and wondering if Form Tools can help with this type of data validation.

In the questionnaire I'm working with, there's a question like this:

What was your facility's total revenue last year?
And a bunch of following questions asking about sources of that revenue, e.g.:

- Of which, how much came from sales?

- Of which, how much came from services?


Can Form Tools ensure data entry consistency for questions like this? For example, at the end of entry of individual sources of revenue, I want to perform a summation across those sources. If they don't add up to be equal to total revenue, there will be a pop-up message, e.g., "Data entry inconsistency. Please ensure that individual sources add up to be equal to the total revenue." The respondents can choose to "Return" to start again from the Total revenue field, or to "Proceed anyway", acknowledging that there's some issue with their data quality.

As a further specification, is it possible to specify such summation only over valid values? For example, if respondents are not sure or don't know about some individual revenue source, they can fill in, say, -1 for that field. I hence only want summation over non-negative values.

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