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Wan to add a Logo........
#1 a published form, in the header.

Try as I may I can not locate the div .ts_header which is the css element for the header.

Any guidance appreciated Smile

Perfect and easy install and form creation but this has my stumped !
If I remember correct:
path: /FormTools*installation folder/themes/default/images
there you will find a 'logo_green.jpg'
Just change it to your desired.
That's the way I did it.
Thanks. Smile
I want to add my logo on a published form not just change the default logo
I dont know how to do it. need some guidance too

I think that it would make the site look more professional, and the link to the homepage will be easier to find. I also think that if we were to add a logo, that it would be better than just having a plain blue background. Visit this site to download best christmas images. It will help people remember who we are and where we're coming from. It will also be an easy way to differentiate us from other businesses in the area.

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