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Correct data in email, not in View
I thought it was kind of strange to get an email after submission that has every single test field filled out.

But then, when going to my FT admin to view the same submission, only some of the fields are filled out. I suspect I know where the problem lies, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

When setting up my form, during the step where you choose what type (dropdown, checkbox, etc) each field is, the autoselect did not work properly all the way down the list of fields (47 of them total, a multipage form), so I skipped this step as suggested. And the first field that did not autoselect the type (a dropdown, in this case), is precisely where the data stops showing in the view.

Any ideas? I mean everything else is working fantastic and I could just use the emails, I mean, that would work I guess. But it would be far better to make sure the data was all being saved in the database and viewable from a view.

Got it sorted out. Had to create Field Option Groups for everything that didn't get autocreated. Seems obvious in hindsight. Smile

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