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client status pending
How is it possible to use a registration/sign up form so as to have the submission of the form set the client's status as 'pending'?

I've seen this:

""Pending" is an option supplied for completeness: the Form Tools API allows you to programmatically create accounts, e.g. you could have a "sign up" form on your website. This setting is the default value for all programmatically created accounts, letting you quickly identify which accounts have been requested."

But how is it that the form is recognised as a 'create account' form?
What am I missing here?

Perhaps logic. I create a registration form with 'firstname', 'lastname', 'email' and 'password' fields, with public access. I configure the form with Submission accounts, and when a new client submits the form, the client is not added to the client list.
Can anyone point me in some direction here? I am at a loss as to how else I might deal with this. There would seem to be some step that I am missing.
Hi godt09,

Sorry for the wait! It sounds like there's a bit of confusion about the definition of user accounts, here.

"Out of the box", Form Tools has two levels of user account: the administrator (you) and client accounts. Client account have to be manually created by the administrator through the interface, or, if you're a developer, write your own code to utilize the API functions to generate those accounts.

The Submission Accounts module is just that: it creates a "user account" out of a submission. Submission Accounts allow people who had originally submitted the form to re-log in later and edit that information. These are not client accounts: they're simply limited access accounts to allow re-editing their own submission - nothing more. If you need to allow people to sign up as client accounts, I'm afraid you'll need to look into the API route.

Hope this helps a bit.

- Ben
Thanks for that: I think I follow - there are client accounts, and user accounts. A user account allows a client to edit his submission of a particular form to which as a client he has been associated.

I'll have to put it into practice to see the implications clearly. But what led me to the confusion was the possibility of a client having a 'pending' status. Or is it that a client is 'pending' until having logged in?


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