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Field Type File Comments Display
Hello all, I've searched the forums and RTFMed but cannot find a solution... Comments entered in to the field config comments box are not displaying at all in the final form.
Any ideas would be most welcome!
hmm, that's no good! What type of field are you adding comments to? i.e. text box, dropdown menu, radio buttons, etc.
It's the 'file' field type that's not displaying comments.
I just tested that with one of my forms and it's not working either. Seems to be an issue with this version.
(Jan 19th, 2016, 4:49 PM)alexh Wrote: I just tested that with one of my forms and it's not working either. Seems to be an issue with this version.

Drat! Thanks for testing it.
I'm bumping this on the offchance that somebody has a solution to the file comments not displaying?
How are you using the Comments field for that File field type on your form? To display instructions to the user?
Yes, basically what information the uploaded file should contain. In one case it's also a link to a template to download and complete.
The following does not fix the issue with the “Comments” section not showing up for Field Type ‘File’, but it may give you a workaround.

I seldom use the Field Comments section on any field for user instructions, for a couple reasons. The main one is that for the form template I use, the Field Comment appears below the field, whereas I want the user’s instructions to appear directly above the field, and did not see a way to do that. Additionally, I often want to place quite a large amount of descriptive text before a particular section or field on my form. While I do use the “Field Group” description area of the View for some instructions, I often need another way to place instructions or descriptions on the form.

So, to place these longer instructions, comments or descriptions on my form, I first create a field that will hold my comments/instructions, adjust the settings for that field to allow for the size I need, then use the Hooks Manager Module to prefill that field at the time of form creation with my comments/instructions. This also gives me the ability to provide a large block of description, instruction, etc. on my form wherever I want it to appear. The method is not completely perfect as far as formatting, but it accomplishes what I need.

I'm creating a separate post with a new subject line with instructions on how to do this, if you wish to try it.

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