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Export to Excel does not work correctly
Hi Peter,

Yeah, the export types kind of need some work - 2.1. isn't that different in the way it generates the content (in fact, it works exactly the same). Having a setting for the delimiter would be brilliant.

When I get a bit of time, I'll look into this more myself. Smile

- Ben

I was having the same trouble which eventually led me to find this thread, but I've noticed something.

For me, when I export an Excel file of my data it looks like a file full of HTML data, just as you said. When I tried to open it I got the same. However, I was trying to open it in an application which is "compatible" with the Excel format, not Microsoft Excel.

Now, when I take that exact same file and actually open it using Microsoft Excel software, it opens up just fine. An Excel spreadsheet just like any other...

Are you opening the downloaded .xls file(s) using the Microsoft Excel application? Or with some other interpreter of some kind? That could be the problem. It solved the issue for me at least.

(Mar 17th, 2011, 12:17 AM)HRZ_UniBi Wrote: 1.) When I select "Excel" as output format, I don't get an Excel file, but the created file contains only a HTML-formatted table.

Is there a small incompatibility with 2.0.5?

If I remember correctly SSRS 2008 can't deal with 2 level of grouping on the excel export (that was a confirmed bug), but i thought that was fixed either with SSRS 2008 R2 or a CU later on. Are you on the latest available version of SSRS ?

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