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Tracking subdomains w/ form tools
Hello, I would like to use Form Tools on my subdomain page, my question is:

If someone registers a subdomain in Form Tools can I make it so that name can not be registered with again? Ie: If they choose the word john couldn't be used again and a message would come up letting the person know they need to choose another name?

The form field would look like: ________________

I just want to avoid people trying to sign up with a name that is already taken.

Hi Captain,

Sure, but in order to do so, you'll need to use the API. That lets you use the ft_api_check_submission_is_unique() function, which can tell you whether or not a value has already been entered in one of your fields. Give this tutorial a read over for more information:

Good luck! Smile

- Ben

Thank you Dan, that's what I was looking for Smile

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