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Validate all records on the Admin submissions page
I figured if I can do a find and then print or export the results on the submissions.php page in the admin area, that I should be able to add a button that validates whether or not a certain number of fields are empty from the same list of submissions.

I want to do this because I'm allowing clients to edit submissions by logging in. I don't want to validate on the edit_submissions.php page because I want the client to be able to save and return to the form without it being complete. When they are actually complete with their submission editing, they'll click a button that appears on their list of submissions (not on each submission edit screen). I'd like this button to validate their list of submissions for empty fields.

I can do this with php, but I don't know how it would fit into the form tools system.

Thanks again
Hey Harmony,

Interesting...! But right now, I'm afraid there's really no way to do this. The best solution would be to write a module for it. I'm going to be tackling a "Mass Edit" module at some point; I'll certainly keep validation in mind when I do.

Sorry I couldn't be any help.

- Ben
Thanks Ben!

Very grateful for all the features already!
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